What is OEM?

IMG_4835 OEM is a site put together to discuss situations that you can expect to see happen in any kind of outdoor setting.  Have you ever thought to yourself what you would do if you were out on a hike or out on a boat in the middle of the lake and someone flags you down to help them because they toppled and broke their leg, or because their friend had a syncopal episode?  Have you ever thought while you were out playing catch with your son or daughter, what would you do if they suddenly began complaining of shoulder pain?  Should you rush these people to the emergency room, or is this something that can be managed at home?


On this website we plan to tackle diagnostic dilemmas and management strategies for common issues encountered out of the hospital setting.  We will review recent literature and provide quick summaries so you can stay up to date on the current technology and techniques.  We will share stories from physicians and non-physicians alike who have had to improvise in the field with emergency situations.  We will provide cases for you to practice your knowledge and skills, so that next time you come up against one of these sphincter-puckering situations, you can have some tools in your back pocket to whip out on the fly.