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Laura Ann Galdamez


Laura Galdamez  is a fourth year medical student who will start her Emergency medicine residency at Baylor College of Medicine in June 2016.  While she has been interested in Emergency Medicine since the beginning of her MS2 year, she has had a passion for the outdoors since childhood.

She participated in the Wilderness Medicine Student elective in February 2016 hosted by the Wilderness Medical Society and earned her Wilderness First Responder certification while there.  During the elective, they received numerous lectures on all the various aspects of wilderness medicine including dive medicine, high altitude medicine, tactical medicine, etc.  However, they also were able to learn and practice numerous survival skills and begin building their toolkit both physically and mentally to become more comfortable in the outdoors.  She is currently a candidate for the Fellowship in Advanced Wilderness Medicine, with plans for its completion within the next year.


She has been highly involved with the Space Medicine community at Baylor College of Medicine and will graduate in the Space Medicine Tract in 2016.  She helped to create the Space Medicine Interest Group at BCM and has hosted lectures on Space Medicine as well as numerous Ultrasound Labs for her fellow classmates.


She has been involved with several research projects with the faculty at the Center for Space Medicine and has one publication as well as one manuscript pending in the field.  She has committed to gaining an in depth understanding of the use of Ultrasound both diagnostically and procedurally, and has had both formal and informal training regarding its use in various emergency situations.  She is an avid backpacker and camper, and recently earned her second degree black belt in Aikido.  She loves to blend her passion for the outdoors and her fascination with medicine in the practice of wilderness medicine.

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Why does she love emergency and wilderness medicine?  “There is nothing quite like feeling confident when you have nothing and no one around except you and your pack.  I want to know that I can take care of myself and those around me even in the most extreme of circumstances.”