American Medical Society for Sports Medicine is pushing for Ultrasound Training in SM Fellowships


Considering the rising popularity of US studies and the increased training taking place in residencies and fellowships worldwide, it’s no surprise that US training is being touted as a necessary staple of training in US. That being said,┬áSports US is still green in the SM curriculum and is actively being updated: Consider that SM barely adopted an Ultrasound Curriculum in 2010, a program outlined by AMSSM. The program was designed around the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s (AIUM) minimal requirements for conducting an MSK US examination in the context of musculoskeletal injury.

However, AMSSM just put out their new updated curriculum for US training in SM, appropriating US skills that extend beyond the context of MSK US and apply other systemic US examinations that are contextually relevant in athletic injuries. In fact, the curriculum has appropriated the name of “Sports US” to replace the “MSK US” moniker which reflected the focus on AIUM’s guidelines for MSK US examination. This means AMSSM’s new curriculum will integrate organ systems which could show emergent findings concomitantly with classical MSK findings (such as ABD bleeds in FAST in the context of a massive tackle on the football field).

Of note, the new curriculum includes procedural US skills, including needle guiding into various planes. Note that the integration of US into the educational continues to meld the world of SM into EM, allowing for more integrated SM education into EM curriculum using the outline laid out by AMSSM.