Get OFF! The Buzz on Insect Repellents and Insecticides.


Summary of Recommendations: For best protection, use a combination of permethrin impregnated clothing and 1)DEET of 10-30% if mosquitos are the primary concern, or 2)IR3535, Picaridin, or PMD if ticks, biting flies or midges are of concern. Children – No DEET for children under two months.  No Picaridin for children…

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Accidental Hypothermia

Tdog Sleeping Bat

Clinically, hypothermia presents mainly with cerebral and cardiorespiratory effects seen as irritability, confusion, apathy, poor decision making, somnolence and eventually coma. Cold induced diuresis, plasma shift extravascularly and lower fluid intake causes a reduced circulating volume, and under 30°C cardiac output significantly decreases and bradycardia ensues. The Swiss classification of…

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