Get OFF! The Buzz on Insect Repellents and Insecticides.


Summary of Recommendations: For best protection, use a combination of permethrin impregnated clothing and 1)DEET of 10-30% if mosquitos are the primary concern, or 2)IR3535, Picaridin, or PMD if ticks, biting flies or midges are of concern. Children – No DEET for children under two months.  No Picaridin for children…

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Straight to the Vein: Intravenous Rehydration in Endurance Athletes

Drinking water

Article:    Is Postevent Intravenous Hydration an Appropriate Service at Endurance Competitions?    By: Hoffman et. al.4  The Denver Post reported last July that more athletes are turning to using intravenous (IV) hydration after events in an attempt to recover quicker.1  OnusIV is one of multiple services that is offering IV hydration…

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Should We Shock in the Wilderness: Taking AEDs into the Backcountry


  Medical devices are becoming more miniaturized by the day, making them more accessible, more affordable, and easier to transport…but just because we can, does it really mean we should?  A paper recently released describes this exact dilemma regarding automated external defibrillators (AED), and argues against their utility and appropriateness in…

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